Dj Proper teams up with award winning film director Christopher Baiza on new artist Brother T LoveJones hit song ‘Local Bartender’

“My inspiration came from numerous observations of drunken flirtations with mostly unattainable dreams
of love.”
– Brother T LoveJones
Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter Brother T LoveJones has seen it all before in the music scene and
is familiar that art often imitates life’s everyday stories. On his newest track, he expresses observations at
the local tavern. Effortlessly recalling classic country drinking songs, his performance is so convincing you
can almost smell the smoke and whiskey.

“It don’t really matter what you’re drinking. Come on in, take a seat, and she listens,” LoveJones sings in
a world-weary baritone vocal that should take country music lovers by storm.
‘Local Bartender’ is accompanied by a cinematic video directed by award winning director Christopher
Baiza, depicting another increasingly hazy night at the bar. Pure Americana through and through, the
video’s vintage imagery adds a heartwarming dimension to LoveJones’ romantic lyricism. The end result
is irresistible, to young and old fans alike.

LoveJones decided to have his son be the executive producer on the project and them go on a musical
journey together. Brother T recalls many times he requested him to pursue a career professionally,
knowing his sound should be shared with the world. Helping him establish a project that embodied his
talent and their mutual love of music that was a constant theme in their household was important to both.
They built the set for this music video together with the crew at an old junkyard lot in the San Gabriel
desert and brought together a talented cast of actors to play the roles. Keith “Dj Proper” Jordan notes that
seeing his family live their dream doing their music, “It’s one of the greatest joys of this life watching my
father now shine under the spotlight.”

‘Local Bartender’ is available everywhere 2nd February 2021

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